Frequently Asked Questions

About the Jumps

Can I jump my camera?

Will I be jumping with a Flight-1 instructor on each jump?

Do we jump with other students, or are all the jumps solo?

What altitude do we make the jumps from?

Are all the jumps hop n’ pops, or do we have any full-altitude jumps?

Will we be using radios in the air like we did in AFF?

How much time is typically scheduled between loads?

Can we make additional one-on-one instructor-assisted jumps beyond what is outlined in the course if time permits?

Choosing and Registering For A Course

How much does a course cost?

Does the cost include jumps?

How do I know which course to choose?

How many jumps do you need to participate in the sport course?

I’m still in my AFF progression. Can I sign up for the course?

I’ve taken a sport canopy course before. How is yours different?

I would like to have Flight-1 come to my home DZ. How can I get a course scheduled?

Does Flight-1 provide one-on-one training or only group courses?

I've registered for a course online and can no longer attend. What do I do?

How long is my voucher valid for?

Do the courses meet the requirements for the USPA B License Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card?

Course Content

Are all basic canopy maneuvers covered in the SIM also covered in your course?

How much ground training is included in the course?

Is there written work and/or quizzes included in the course?

Will we learn how to use our risers in addition to our toggles for turns?

Will we be learning to land crosswind or downwind?

Will the instructor give me information about downsizing or purchasing a canopy?

Will the different types of canopies and how they fly be discussed in the course?

Does Flight-1 provide one-on-one training or only group courses?


I have trouble getting consistent landings. Will the course help me to improve my landings?

Is it necessary to take a canopy course before downsizing?

Will I learn new tricks or get tips on how to become a swooper in the future?

Will the Flight-1 course teach me how to swoop?

Will the Flight-1 course teach anything about CReW?

Will the course help me to learn greater accuracy in my landings?

Can I jump with my wingsuit to learn how to better land with it?

Preparing for a Successful Course

What happens if the weather is forecasted to be less than ideal jumping conditions?

What do I need to bring?

Is food/water supplied for the course?

Do I need to wear a jumpsuit?

Does Flight-1 provide any equipment?

Is there a specific size canopy or range of sizes that are necessary for the course?

Can I use rental gear for the course if I don’t have my own?

Still Have Questions?

For information on booking courses please contact the office.

The Certification Program

Who decides whether I have shown the proficiencies required or not?

Can I move on to the next course if I didn't manage to get through all the proficiencies in the last course?

Can I demonstrate any proficiencies left to an instructor on the DZ or an S&TA?

What if I didn't get to make any jumps cause the weather was bad?

What To Expect

What can I expect when I arrive at the DZ on the day of the course?

How long is the course – how many days and how many hours per day?

How many jumps are made during the course?

Is there a lunch break or any small breaks in between loads?

What's Included

Is food/water supplied for the course?

Do we get T-shirts, stickers, or other Flight-1 products after completing the course?

Do we get a certificate at the end of the course?

Is packing included, or do we pack our own rig after each jump?