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Below you’ll find a list of useful articles, educational documents, and videos created by Flight-1 instructors and other prominent individuals involved in canopy flight or design. Check back regularly for new material.

Flight-1 Archive


Flying Predictably

Maxine Tate of Flight-1 shows how it’s easy to cause a traffic jam if you alter your rate of descent in the pattern.


Landing Priorities by Maxine Tate

How to land safely, anywhere, any time…



Flight-1 Instructor Paul Dorward takes a deep dive into the topic of Down-Sizing.


5 Tips to staying alive

Flight-1 Instructor Phil Webley looks at 5 simple ways of staying alive under canopy.


Dynamic Flocking

Pete Allum guides us through the exciting new dicipline of canopy flocking.


8 Priniciples for canopy piloting

Paul Dorward from Flight-1 talks through 8 principles that can assist with canopy progression.


Choosing the right canopy

Pete Allum discusses factors to consider to find your ideal canopy.


Should you even downsize?

Julian Barthel discuses rapid downsizing and its pitfalls.


Flight-1 Safety tips

Safety day top tips from your local Flight-1 Instructors.


The Evolution of Technogly in Canopy Control Training - Ian Bobo PIA 2023

Ian takes an in-depth view of the evolution of technology and introduces a few new products in the marketplace. He demonstrates and identifies the future of technology in Canopy Control Training.