Paul Dorward

Total Jumps: 11000
Home DZ: Skydive Sibson, UK
Nationality: British
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Flight-1 Sport Department Director / Instructor Manager

Started Skydiving: 1998
Licenses/Ratings: British Skydiving Instructor Examnier, AFFI, SL, TI, Coach, CP, British Skydiving Advanced Instructor
Total Skydives: 11,000+
Instructor/Coaching: 5,000
Camera: 2,000
Freefly: 500
Tandem: 700
Hop-n-Pop: 500
Belly 4 way: 2500

20 Years of Sport Instruction and Coaching.

Britsh Skydiving Instructor Examiner


Occupation: Instructor at Flight-1, Flight-1 Instructor Manager, AFF Instructor - Free Lance
Hobbies: Music Production. Lead Guitarist in skydiving band "Wingin It"


Main: PD Valkyrie 79, PD Valkyrie 75, Velocity 75, Perrigirne 71
Reserve: PD Optimum 113
Container: Javelin Odyssey
Helmet: Cookie G3, G4
AAD: Cypres (Speed mode)
Jumpsuits: Jedi Air Wear
Altimeter: Alti 2 - ATLAS

Manta 288
Fury 220
Sabre 210
Sabre 190
Sabre 170
Sabre 150
Sabre 135
Sabre 2 120
Stiletto 120
Katana 107
Katana 97
PD Velocity 96
PD Velocity 90
PD Velocity 84
PD Velocity 79 + 75
PD Velocity 75

Perrigirne 71


Instructor Reviews

Tess Lakin 02.05.2022
Back in the air

PD you are a legend, thank you for getting me back into this crazy sport! Realised how much I had missed it! 😍 Injury free now and planning on keeping it that way this time

Danny Carr 01.05.2022
Learnt loads !

Thanks mate enjoyed every minute of it! Learnt absolutely loads, now to keep practicing. I'd recommend everyone does flight 1 regardless of experience. So much more in depth than expected.

Jamie Richards 29.04.2022
Feel like a skydiver now

My brain hurts but I’ve loved every minute. Feel like an actual skydiver now. Thanks so much Paul. Hopefully catch up with you at langar this weekend and sort my last few bits for my B license. Can’t recommend this course enough

Paul McCormick 02.04.2022
Great Course and Instruction

Thanks again Paul. Great course and instruction. Whatever your level there is plenty to learn and practice. Also thanks to the Skyhigh team.

Amy Orourke 27.03.2022
Excellent weekend

Thanks Paul! Excellent weekend, excited to get back in the air and practicing everything we learned 😁 Highly recommend Paul and Flight1 to all my friends.

Alec Bates 25.09.2021

Just completed this 101 & 102 at Tillstock with Paul; its the 2nd time I’ve been on this course and I have to be honest - the amount of information I picked up was astonishing: Paul is a great instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days; thank you to everyone involved for getting us in the air and especially to Paul for great instruction and coaching.