Student Spotlight on Oleg Pryadko

Student Spotlight on Oleg Pryadko

Source | Jason Moledzki December 30, 2022 Read | 1 minutes

We are celebrating Flight-1 student Oleg Pryadko, who has demonstrated excellent commitment and progression after participating in multiple Flight-1 courses with Flight-1 Instructor John Minos.

Oleg started his flying journey in the paragliding world before deciding he wanted to jump out of planes and freefall. He has taken seven Flight-1 courses in 9 months, including several air-2-air courses allowing to refine and excel in canopy piloting skills, alongside prior training with other industry coaches. He is always after information on how to do things better and analyzes every part of the canopy flight.

“Seeing his excitement while doing a weekend of air to air courses was so pleasing! I look forward to watching him grow as a pilot.” - John Minos, Flight-1 Instructor.

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