Flight-1 Pilot Ny Ka!

Flight-1 Pilot Ny Ka!

Source | Jason Moledzki January 24, 2022 Read | 1 minutes

Ny Ka has been working hard on her canopy skills, after attending a series of Flight-1 courses. We asked her Flight-1 instructor, Pete Allum, what he had to say about her great progress in canopy piloting.

“Ny Ka has committed to learning how to skydive and has spent a lot of time working on her free fall skills. Then she realized that there was another really important aspect of the sport, the canopy ride! In the beginning she said it was like being told to eat her broccoli but seeing how well she handles her canopy and the growing confidence in her landings. I would say that she is starting to enjoy her veggies.” - Pete Allum.

Congratulations Ny Ka on your great achievements!

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