• After more than 10.000 jumps guessing what to do and copying others, I decided to do the Canopy Course with Pablo Hernandez. I have to say that going back to the basics and understanding why and how a canopy flies, was absolutely usefull for me.
    Its crazy how sometimes you not really appreciate the talented people you have around every day.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH "Pablito Power" for giving me so many tips that will make my landings more safe!
    I totally recommend to do it to everybody!
    Gracias brother!

    Juan Mayer, 10,000+ jumps, Professional Videographer at Skydive Dubai

  • Best course I have taken so far!! Thank you Flight-1 and Jason and Skydive Carolina! I am still amazed, that no matter how many times I have taken your Flight 1 canopy courses, by some of the best canopy pilot's out there, that I still learn something new every-time, and walk away a better canopy pilot. I also find out how much I don't know and didn't know about my canopy, and that just because you can stand up a landing, doesn't mean you can't still be better, no matter how many jumps you have. >>>>A+ course.

    Amy Redwine, 327 jumps, Skydive Carolina

  • I learned so much in 101! I can hardly wait to attend more Flight-1 classes! Shannon was amazing, and conveyed his lessons from the heart in a captivating manner. He patiently taught us what to look for in our debriefing, and gave us useful tools understanding canopy flight that I will use on every single skydive to come! This was worth every penny!

    Melissa Jahnke, 50 jumps, Wisconsin Skydiving Center

  • Did Flight-1 course today with JayMo and let me tell you there is no better way to learn than to have someone precisely narrow down the skills that you need to sharpen and Jay Moledzki is just the person to help with that. I can't thank him enough for the time he prepared today to debrief everyone on each jump and give advice when needed. I recommend anyone looking at this post to get inspired on becoming one with your canopy. Can not wait until Flight 102 class tomorrow.

    Robert Tiu, 106 jumps, Skydive Lake Wales

  • Completed course 101 and 102 these days. I would have never ever thought that I would ever enjoy canopy training hop and pops MORE than a FF jump - but Pete made that happen. The Flight-1 trainings are extremely well structured, highly professional, a lot of content and a lot of fun. Very recommendable... Can't wait to continue!

    Susanne Lee Huber, 206 jumps, Skydive Empuriabrava

  • Wanted to say a huge thanks to Flight-1 and Kaz Sheekey for such an awesome canopy course last weekend at Skydive Moncton. Everyone of all skills levels learned so much it was incredible to see. I took home so many valuable lessons and skills to help me progress. I would recommend these courses to anyone and everyone who enjoy jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

    James Bartlett, 401 jumps, Skydive Moncton

  • Awesome opportunity with the Flight-1 company and Jay Mo. I was downsizing to fast and Jay spoke up to offer the coaching, he came to my State and local DZ to do so as well. Phenomenal coaching by this man and plan to do more one on one coaching with him and the Flight-1 company. If you think your canopy skills are in good order I suggest taking these courses and you'll learn a new way to fly.. Thanks Flight-1 and special thanks to Jay!!!

    Timothy Hallford, 506 jumps, Out of the Blue Skydiving

  • I did three courses with Flight-1, 101 and 102 with Brian Vacher and 201 with Erwin "Tank". The lessons are broken down in, easy to understand, parts where you receive a lot of practical input. I highly recommend Flight-1 courses to anyone who wants to become a better canopy pilot.

    Gerard de Graaf, 169 jumps, Cyprus Parachute Center

  • "Learn how to fly a f***ing parachute." Don't be a douche. Do it here.

    In all seriousness, I had one day with Jay and he totally changed how I approach canopy flight. And I'm old.

    Thank you!

    Mark Gogolewski, 3625 jumps, Skydive Deland

  • With less than 50 jumps under my belt, I was really apprehensive about doing 101. But with Pete Allum running the course at the same time I was in Empuriabrava I really didn't want to miss the opportunity. As soon as we started the theory my nerves faded and I was so impressed at how at ease Pete made us all feel, especially given the range of experience we all had. I can't recommend this course enough and wouldn't hesitate to do it again in the future, and even went on to start 102 the following day! Strong winds and a jump limit meant that I wasn't able to finish the course in the time that I was in Empuriabrava, but I can't wait to finish it in the near future. Even sitting through the theory alone made me feel a lot safer under canopy, let alone doing the practical exercises. I can't thank you enough, Pete!

    Bethan Bonsall, <50 jumps, Skydive Empuriabrava

  • Amazing course. I had 400 jumps and took the 101 and after the first jump I learned how much I didn't know. I took the 102 days later and my confidence in high winds went up dramatically. Please take this course; you will learn SO MUCH!!!

    Neil Reynolds, 400 jumps, Skydive Toronto

  • Attended the Flight 101 course with Brian at Sibson on the 16th August and it is by far the the best bit of money I've ever invested in skydiving. The course is so helpful and informative and should be taken by all skydivers!. Can't wait for 102 in December!!

    Dean Warsap, 180 jumps, Skydive Sibson

  • Awesome Course, has completely changed how I fly my canopy. Why didn't I go on one sooner!

    Julia Swallow, Satori UK 4-way Team, 4-way World Champion VMax

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