Travis Mills

Age: 35

Nationality: USA
First Jump: May 2001
Total Jumps: 13,500
Home DZ: Skydive Arizona

Occupation: Flight-1 Instructor
Hobbies: Motocross, wake skating, wake surfing and hiking.

Licenses/Ratings: D-27249, AFFI, Coach and PRO Exhbition Rating 

Total Skydives: 13,500
Camera: 5,700
Free Fly: 3,500
Tandem: 500
Instructor/Coaching: 1,500
Hop-n-Pop: 2,500
Cutaways: 5

Main: PC Valkyrie 79, Peregrine 67
Reserve: PD Optimum 113
Container: Mirage
Helmet: Cookie
Jumpsuits: Ouragan
Altimeter: L&B 


2016 - US Nationals VFS Arsenal 2nd
2016 - Swoop Challenge 12th
2015 - U.S. Nationals (VFS) - Arsenal - 2nd
2015 - Headdown World Record
2015 - World Record - General - Largest Formation Records - VFS Head Up - 52 skydivers
2015 - U.S. Nationals (CP) - Overall - 14th
2013 - U.S. Nationals (VFS) - Drive - 2nd
2012 - Mondial World Championship (Freestyle) - Dragons - 4th
2012 - U.S. Nationals (Freestyle) - Dragons - 1st
2011 - U.S Nationals (Freestyle) - Dragons - 1st
2011 - U.S. Nationals (VFS) - Dsyfunction - 5th
2011 - World Cup of Skydiving (Freestyle) - Dragons - 4th
2010 - U.S. Nationals (Freestyle) - Dragons - 1st
2010 - U.S. Nationals (VFS) - Dsyfunction - 5th
2010 - World Championship (Freestyle) - Dragons - 3rd
2010 - World Championship (VFS) - Arsenal - 2nd
2009 - U.S Nationals (Freestyle) - Dragons - 3rd
2009 - World Cup of Skydiving (Freestyle) - Dragons - 3rd
2009 - Skydive AZ Swoop Club - Overall - 1st
2008 - U.S Nationals (Freestyle) - Dragons - 3rd
2008 - U.S. Nationals (VFS Advanced) - Dsyfunction - 1st
2008 - World Championship (Freestyle) - Dragons - 10th


I began skydiving in May of 2001 at Desert Skydiving Center in Buckeye AZ, and it didn't take long ,6 months in fact, before I was working in the sport. It was not just the love of jumping that made me realize skydiving is all I wanted to do but mostly the people. After spending the first three years as a tandem and student packer  jumping on every open slot I could(most weeks after filling out my invoice I found myself owing the DZ money) I decided to get my coach rating and shortly after my tandem rating. Tandems were great. Only one thing missing was flying my canopy.

After about 500 tandems my buddy told me about a video and coaching slot that opened up on the east coast and I 'jumped' on it. I spent a season in Jersey doing what I love most; coaching awesome people, shooting videos and best of all flying my canopy. Once the season was over I returned to AZ with enough experience to land a job shooting videos for the largest DZ in the world, Skydive Arizona. In the six years that I've been here in Eloy I've been fortunate enough to accumulate thousands of jumps and learn from some of the world’s most talented skydivers. It was probably about three years ago when I really stepped up my canopy coaching, working with fun jumpers of all levels and the military. Now Flight-1 has given me the opportunity to expand my coaching skills even more and teach the world’s best curriculum. 

'You're from a dropzone (Skydive Arizona) that not only has strict landing rules but enforces them. How has that gone down with the skydivers there and what benefits have you seen as a result of them?'

When they first implemented the restriction of turn rule here at Skydive AZ, most if not all swoopers (including myself) were upset. After about a month or so we realized it was working and made landing patterns more predictable. Since the rules have been in effect we have seen a dramatic fall in canopy collisions there for making the landing areas a little safer. Don't worry, if you still want to do a big turn you are free to do so on hop'n'pops or on any jump if you land in a separate designated landing area.

Travis Mills


Safire 199 - 300
Saber 190 - 50
Safire 170 - 200
Safire 139 - 700
Crossfire 119 - 75
Crossfire 109 - 4000
PD Velocity 90 - 100
VX 89  - 2000
VX 84  -  1800
PD Comp Velocity 84  - 800
PD Valkyrie 79 - 1000
PD Peregrine 67 - 250
PD Peregrine 64 - 100

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