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“As a beginner skydiver, with only 60+ jumps, I decided to attend a Flight-1 course to craft my skills, gain confidence, and learn new technics. The course was amazing. And although the class was a mix of experience levels, the program structure and the instructor fit the content in such a way that was very meaningful for all of us.

Sascha was very a knowledgeable instructor and a great guy. He had a positive attitude and was very approachable with answering questions and discussions of all different levels. He always looked after our safety and provided us the basis for making informed decisions. The practice jumps, briefing, and debriefings were very helpful to understand and overcome our difficulties.

Even though I was the only non-German speaking student in the class, he was very accommodating with the language differences and worked hard to communicate effectively with all students. I would definitely recommend the course to everyone, and I am looking forward to continue my progression to 201 and beyond. Thank so much for sharing your experience with us and raising the standards of canopy flight.” 

~ Edgar

“A special thank you to Sascha Frings for my first private course. I have over 1,000 jumps and thought my next step was to learn how to swoop. I had to learn how to start over, to be conservative and safe, while still having fun! I would prefer to learn how to swoop safely over the course of the next few years, rather than push the limits with unsafe decisions. Sascha saved my life for sure. I am looking forward to taking the next course in a few weeks! Thank you Flight-1 and Sascha!” 

~ Chris

“This was my second Flight-1 course and I just wanted to say that Sascha did an absolutely awesome job! He definitely knows what he's talking about and has impeccable ability to share his knowledge in a comprehensive and fun way. Briefings and debriefings were great and - if I may speak for the others as well - we learned a lot. I definitely saw a lot of improvement in the canopy piloting of everyone, which speaks for itself. However it is that you select your coaches at Flight-1… you are definitely doing it right! Best regards from Germany!”

~ Mario

“Super great Course (101/102) with Sascha Frings at My-SkyConcept in Ailertchen! Every jumper should take a canopy course immediately after the license exam. Spares a lot of hard and painful landings.” 

~ Georg

“The course was great & I learned a lot from Sascha! I would rate it 10 out of 10. Sascha is a great instructor and I was able to both gain more confidence in flying my canopy and understand many concepts a lot better.” 

~ Irfan

“Just wanted to give a big shout out to your Instructor Sascha Frings. He held a course this past weekend at one of our dropzones in Germany and gave everyone a fantastic experience, including a major spike in competency flying canopies. He's a very down to earth guy with a huge backpack full of knowledge and professionalism. Cheers to you guys, we will see you next time.” 

~ René


Started Skydivng: 2013

Total Jumps: 3,300+
Nationality: German
Home DZ: Germany

Occupation: Instructor at Flight-1
Education: A-Levels
Kickboxen, Travel, Basketball, Football 

AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor

Total Skydives: 3,200+
Freefly: 300
RW/FS: 300
Hop-n-Pops: 600
Instructor/Coaching: 200
Tandem: 1,000
BASE Jumps: 1
Cutaways: 9

Main: PD Valkyrie 84 Hybrid, Valkyrie 90 Hybrid
Reserve: PD Optimum 143
Container: Vector V3
AAD: Cypres
Helmet: Tonfly x3
Jumpsuits: Intrudair
Altimeter: Viso
Eyewear: Gatorz


2018 - BPA Nationals (CP) - Speed - 8th

Sascha Frings


PD - Navigator 260
PD - Navigator 240
Icarus – Omega 230
Firebird - Cayenne 210
Firebird – Cayenne 190
PD – Pulse – 170
Aerodyne – Pilot – 150
PD – Katana 120
PD – Katana 107
PD – Comp. Velo 96
PD – Comp. Velo 84
PD – Velo 84
PD – Valkerie 90 Hybrid
PD – Valkerie 90 Hybrid
PD – Valkerie 84 Hybrid
PD – Valkerie 79 Hybrid

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