Kaz Sheekey

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“Took Canopy 101 and 102 courses with Kaz Sheekey. She is not only a champion and expert skydiver, but also a gifted instructor with a wonderful teaching style and strong presence. She will make sure to address all questions and give individual attention based on student's experience and needs, masterfully handling different levels of experience and skill among students. Going over videos with our jumps analyzing details was very helpful. I have learned a ton and would take these courses again, as well as recommend them to others. I look forward to taking more courses with Kaz.”

~ Lilia

“I Just completed the Flight 101 & 102 courses with Kaz Sheekey. Gained a ton of knowledge. Kaz is an amazing instructor. No matter the size of class she will make sure she gets plenty of one on one time with you. These classes were an incredible experience. I'm much more confident under canopy. I recommend Flight-1 to any skydiver!”

~ Toni

“It was a great experience taking the canopy classes with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and giving so much individual attention to each of us. I feel like I got a LOT out of this class! You are a great instructor, and a really nice person.”

~ Mari

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time this weekend to present this vital information. As a new skydiver I have been surprised how the knowledge comes in bits and pieces.  The truth is, there is so much to learn (and it never ends) it would be impossible to provide a complete course prior to someone having some familiarity with the sport. These two courses, 101 and 102,  should be required for anyone serious about the sport.  Those who are not, should not be in the air in the first place.”

~ Jim


Started Skydiving: 1993

Total Jumps: 10,000+
NationalityFirst Jump: Australian
Home DZ: Everywhere

Occupation: Flight-1 Instructor & Photographer
Education: Business with Major in Accounting
Hobbies: Skydiving, hiking, skiing, yoga, biking, running, surfing, photography, traveling and hanging out with my kid.

Licenses/Ratings: PRO Exhibition Rating, Coach Rating, D-20558

Total Skydives: 10,000+
Freefly: 1,100
RW/FS: 700
Camera and CReW: 3,600
Hop and Pops: 4,300
Other: 300 (wingsuit, demos, CreW and sky surfing)
Base: 4
Cutaways: 10

Main Canopy: PD Valkyrie 67, 71
Container: UPT Micron
Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 113
AAD: Cypres
Helmet: Cookie G3
Jumpsuit: Vertical Suits
Altimeter: Atlas Audible and Visual
Eyewear: Oakley Designs


2012 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Speed - 1st
2010 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Overall - 3rd
2010 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Accuracy - 1st
2010 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Distance - 2nd
2008 - Australian team member World Championships (CP)
2008 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Distance - 2nd
2008 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Overall - 2nd
2008 - US National Championships (CP) - Guest - 3rd
2008 - Ranch Pond Swooping Competion (CP) - Overall - 3rd
2007 - Australian team member World Cup (CP)
2007 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Speed - 1st
2007 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Distance - 1st
2006 - Australian team member World Championships (CP)
2006 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Distance - 1st
2006 - Australian National Championships (CP) - Overall - 3rd
2006 - PST Swoop Season (CP) - Overall - 2nd
2006 - Wildwood Swoop Competition (CP) - Overall - 3rd


I started jumping in 1993 in Sydney Australia, where the Aussie four-way team would come and say hello under canopy. This is where I really started to enjoy flying with other parachutes. With only a little more than 500 jumps, I moved to the United States to skydive full-time at the Ranch in New York, home to the then famous annual pond swooping nationals. I was hooked!

Doing camera and a lot of CReW made me even more interested in canopy flight. I started dedicating a lot of fun jumps to hop and pops and entered many pro competitions at both the national and international level. We formed Team Slipstream (formerly Fastrax Swoop) and, in addition to training and competing, regularly coached other jumpers in both basic and advanced canopy flight. I really enjoy seeing people ‘get it’, learn and have fun flying their wings. I’ve now been coaching with Flight-1 for 10+ years.

As an experienced Canopy Coach now what piece of advice do you wish you were given as a new jumper trying to learn good canopy skills?

Learn to fly a good and predictable pattern with a pre-determined target for each landing. If you over or undershoot, take note and make corrections as needed on the next jump. Be aware of other canopies in the pattern and be willing to adjust accordingly - safety first. This will give you the confidence of knowing you can land wherever you need to, especially when landing off the drop zone or in a tight spot.  It also makes you predictable, keeping things safer for everyone. 

And always keep learning. The more you learn, the more comfortable you will be and the more fun it will be to fly your canopy.


Kaz Sheekey


Excaliber 150
Icarus Beta 135
PD Stiletto 120
PD Stiletto 107
PD Velocity 79,
PD Velocity 75
PD Velocity 71
PD Velocity Comp 79, 71
PD Valkyrie 67, 71

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