Julian Barthel

Connect with Julian at: Julianb@Flight-1.com


“Having completed 101/102 today at Skydive Empuriabrava I can't recommend these courses enough. Julian is a gifted instructor, he really knows his craft and how to get if across in a very professional and friendly manner.”

~ Mike


Started Skydiving: 2009

Total Jumps:  7000+
Home DZ: Empuriabrava 

Occupation: Full Time Skydiver, Instructor for Flight-1
Hobbies: Tunnel Flying & Canopy Coaching 

Licenses/Ratings: USPA D-31788, USPA C/E, USPA?UPT TD I/E, USPA AFF I, Tunnel Instructor

Total Skydives: 8000+
Instructor/Coaching: 1500+

Tandem: 2500+
Camera: 1000+
Freefly: 2500+
Hop-n-Pop: 500+
Cutaways: 3

Main: Valkyrie 75
Reserve: Optimum 113
Container: UPT Vector 3
AAD: Cypres
Helmet: Tonfly X2
Jumpsuits: Tonfly 630 Tunnel
Altimeter: Alti-2


43-way European Head Up Record 2017
2-Point 24-way European Sequential Head down Record 2018
3-Point 24-way European Sequential Head down Record 2018
4-point German National Head down Sequential Record 2018
32-Way German National Head down Record 2018
38-Way German National Head down Record 2018 


B.Sc. in Sports Science & Coaching
USPA Coach since 2010
USPA AFF-I since 2011
USPA TD-I since 2012
USPA C/E since 2014
USPA/UPT I/E since 2016
Tunnel-I since 2017


Julian BarthelJulian Barthel


Pilot 250
Pilot 230
PD 210
Pilot 188
PD Sabre 170
Safire 2 149
Crossfire 2 139
Crossfire 2 119
Crossfire 2 109
Velocity 103
Velocity 96
Velocity 90
Valkyrie 84
Valkyries 67-79
Peregrine 71

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