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"JC was an outstanding instructor and I really appreciate everything your team has done for me."



Started Skydivng: 1993

Total Jumps: 20,800+
Nationality: Proud to be an American
Home DZ: Currently Undecided

Occupation: (Legacy) PD Factory Team Pilot & Camera Flyer, Flight-1 Instructor for Military & Civilian
Education: BS in Elementary/Middle School Education (Levels K-9) at E.I.U. Charleston, IL        
Hobbies: Reliving childhood with my 3 beautiful children (Aerial, Noah & Cora), Speed Flying, Wake Boarding, Snow Boarding, Downhill Long Boarding & Flying RC Planes.  

Licenses/Ratings: D-17214, AFF Instructor, PRO Exhibition Rating, Tandem Rating

Total Skydives: 23,420+
Freefly: 4,000
RW/FS: 2,000
Hop-n-Pops/ Air 2 Air: 8,000
Camera: 6,000
Other: 3,000 (Wingsuit, Demos, CREW, AFF, Tandems, Skysurf)
BASE Jumps: 420
Cutaways: 8 Terminal, 7 Sub-Terminal & at least a dozen or so intentional

Main Canopy: PD Valkyrie 103, Spectre 120 & 135
Container: Javelin Odyssey (TJN)
Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 143
AAD: Speed Cypres 2
Helmet: Cookie Composites G3, Wes Rich Custom Cranial Camera Helmet
Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky Suits
Altimeter: Alti-2 N3 Audible and Visual
Eyewear: Oakley Designs 


Competition Results:  Ranked above average in all pro level disciplines for a solid decade (1995 - 2005)
2012 - PD Tveir (CP) - Overall - 3rd
2009 – U.S. National Championships (CP) – Overall – 3rd

Current Competition Status: Retired, Unless the Mountain calls my name agian...

Other Skydiving Accomplishments

2008-09 Big Wave Tow In ~ Jet Ski Experience at Hammer Heads & Devils Rock. North Shore, HI.
2006-09 Member of (RBAF) Red Bull Air Force Skydiving Demonstration Team, North America Division.
2006-09 Performance Designs Factory Team (PDFT) Cameraman, Stunt Coordinator & Canopy Flight Instructor.
2004 Red Bull Mountain Blade Raid Para-Flight Champion, Park City, UT.
2004 US Skydiving Nationals Ultra Sport Accuracy Champion. Perris, CA.
2000 Opening Ceremonies Skydive Exhibition into NASCAR 500. Fontana, CA.
2000-04 Toured Internationally with High Performance Ram Air Parachute Team, Team Extreme based in Perris, CA.
1997-2004 Flight Instructor & Factory Test Pilot for Icarus Canopies.  Perris, CA. & Wanaka, New Zealand.
1999 Blade Running Champion 2 way & 4 way events with Team Extreme.  Whitfish, MT.
1997-98 Operations Director, Safety Advisor & Liaison for Perris Valley Skydiving Center in Perris, CA.
1997 Universal Skydiving Award (USA #1) Perris, CA. Director ~ Pat Works.

Television/Film Credits & Background

2014 Sky Jumpers Skydiving/Mountain Flying Documentary (Now airing on Amazon Prime)
2008 Wing Suit Base Jumps for the first Red Bull Flugtag ~ Mexico City, Mexico.
2007 CBS Discovery Channel, Stunt Junkies Auburn, CA - J.Tagle Episode / Stunt & Aerial Videography.
2007 SVF Productions “Look Before You Leap”  Documentary film and Stunt work ~ Dallas, TX.
2006 Warner Bros. Film “The Bucket List”  SAG Skydive Stunt Work w/ Morgan Freeman ~ Hollywood, CA.
2006 CBS Discovery Channel, Stunt Junkies Shark Cage Landing,  Aerial Film Work ~ North Shore, Oahu, HI.
2006 CBS Discovery Channel Stunt Junkies High Speed Transfer/Stunt Driver ~ Palm Dale, CA.   
2006 World Team Camera Crew for the 400 Way Skydiving World Record  RW / Completion ~ Udon, Thailand.
2005 Stunt double for The Rock / Red Bull Taurus Stunt Awards ~ Hollywood, CA. 
2004 Film Crew / World Record Skydive Completion (357 way) ~ Korat, Thailand.
2003 Fly Boyz Free Fly Film Festival / Aerial -Visual Awards for DVD Entry ; “OUT OF THE BLUE” ~ Perris. CA.
1998 Burger King “Whopper Divers” T.V. Commercial, Global Spot – SAG Stunts & Talent, Admiralty Production.
1998 World Freefall Convention Movie.  Stunts/Talent  Aerial Focus ~ Quincy, IL.
1996 Aerial Focus Cinematography.  West Coast Cup  B.A.S.E. Competition ~ Auburn, CA. 


I was born and raised in Mahomet, Illinois. Sports centered & eager to fly, I graduated from EIU (Eastern Illinois University) in 1993 with a B.A Degree in Education. Taught for a few years as a Middle School teacher & found that I am not cut out to educate within the confinements of a 4 walled classroom. My journey as a school teacher was divinely & radically redirected towards the sport & military skydiving industries where some of the most unanticipated & wildest dreams were yet to be discovered.

One of the primary reasons that I studied in college to become an educator was to have the opportunity to also be a sports coach of some sort. Ultimately, after a few years of teaching 6th & 7th graders and almost 25 years in the skydiving industry, many of my passions have naturally & uniquely been woven together. While I am continually asking God to open other doors in my life to better serve him & his people, I feel completely blessed serving our US & NATO forces as a high caliber skydive & canopy flight instructor. 

What's the most common misconception you hear from skydivers about landing their canopy?

I feel that many skydivers believe and expect that their landings will improve jumping only once or twice a weekend or even half a dozen times a month.  

In reality, successful landings require currency, jump numbers, a true passion to fly and the desire to land like a bird.  Flare altitude, technique and timing do not often come naturally and their value should be recognized early before jumpers carelessly risk altering the obvious physical and mental quality of the rest of their lives.



JC ColclasureJC ColclasureJC ColclasureJC Colclasure


Manta 220 ~ 11 jumps
Sabre 210 ~ 28 jumps
Sabre 190 ~ 200 jumps
Sabre 170 ~ 300 jumps
Sabre 150 ~ 900 jumps
Stilleto 150 ~ 1200 jumps
Stilleto 135 ~ 1500 jumps
Stilleto 120 ~ 1200 jumps
Icarus fx 120 ~ 1000 jumps
Icarus fx 114 ~ 1600 jumps
Icarus vx 111 ~ 600-700 jumps
Icarus vx 108 ~ 1300 jumps
Icarus vx 105 ~ 1000 jumps
Icarus jvx 118 ~ 40 jumps
Icarus jvx 106 ~ 200 jumps
PD Velocity  111 ~ 1200 jumps
PD Velocity 103 ~ 1100 jumps
PD Velocity 96 ~ 600 jumps
PD Valkyrie 103

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