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“Just finished doing 101 and 102 with Jay Moledzki and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made since I started skydiving. It doesn't matter how many jumps you have, I advise everyone to take this. Jay was an incredible instructor and teacher and the amount of things you will learn from these classes will blow your mind. You'll truly realize how badly you flew a canopy before taking these classes. Thanks Jay, you are awesome.”

~ Youssef

“I did the 101, 102 with Jay Moledski a couple weeks ago. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to dial in their canopy piloting skills. I learned a lot! Things I wanted to learn more about and even things I was not even aware of… It made me realize how much I didn't know, and now I am inspired to constantly learn. There were people in the course who had 12 jumps and some who had a few hundred. Everyone found they learned a lot. After getting a handful of jumps after the course, I can see a big difference in my flying. I am now actively flying my canopy and have a greater understanding on how to fly. Thanks Jay!”

~ Shawn


Started Jumping: 1994

Total Jumps: 14,000+
Nationality: Canada
Home DZ: Planet Earth

Occupation: Flight-1 Owner / Creative Director 
Hobbies: Music and DJ mixing, Computers, Photography, Motorcycles
Outdoor adventure sports: hiking, biking, climbing, trekking, camping/backpacking, orienteering, World geography, geology, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, fishing, cooking, rigging, sewing, mechanics, creative thinking.

Licenses/Ratings: D-20334, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, PRO Exhibition rating, Wingsuit Instructor

Total Skydives: 14,000+
Freefly: 1,500
RW/FS: 500
Hop & Pops: 7,500
Camera: 1,800
Wing-Suit: 2,500
Tandems: 1,300
AFF: 50
Large Formation Skydives: 100
Test Jumps: 600
Other: 800 (helicopter, balloons, biplanes, ultra lights, etc)
BASE Jumps: 1,160
Cutaways: 8 Intentional, 9 Emergency

Main Canopy: Peregrine 67/79, PD Comp Velo 67/79/96
Container: Javelin Odyssey
Reserve Canopy: PD Optimum 126
AAD: Speed Cypres 2
Helmet: Cookie
Jumpsuit: Liquid Sky Suits
Wingsuit: Phoenix Fly
BASE Rig: Adrenaline BASE
BASE Canopy: PD Proxy 260
Altimeter: Alti-2 N3 Audible and Visual
Eyewear: Oakley Designs
Other Equipment: Flysight


1st World Championship, Kolomna, Russia (2010)
1st World Cup, South Africa (2009)
1st World Games, Taiwan, Japan (2009)
1st World Air Games, Torino, Italy (2009)
1st World Championship, Pretoria, South Africa (2008)
1st World Cup, Sydney, Australia (2007)
1st World Games, Duisburg, Germany (2005)

World Distance Record, 175.92m Carletonville (RSA)
World Distance Record, (Retired open class) 206.85 m Longmont, CO (USA)
World Distance Record, (performance) 150.76 m CO (USA)
World Distance Record, (competition) 134.07m Sydney (Australia)

World Speed Record 2.166 sec over 70m, Burnaby, (Canada)
World Speed Record 2.564 sec over 70 m, Sydney (Australia)
World Speed Record 2.684 sec over 70 m, Sydney (Australia)
World Speed Record 2.72 sec over 70 m, Wien/Vienna (Austria)

Ranked # 1 Overall for the European Swoop Tour 2006
Ranked # 1 Overall for the European Swoop Tour 2005
Ranked # 1 Overall for the Pro Swooping Tour 2004
Ranked # 1 Overall PST Team Champions 2003-2004 (PD Factory Team)

1st Dubai 2011 International Skydiving Competition
1st Canadian Nationals, Edmonton AL 2011
1st Red Bull Motown Swoop, Detroit 2011
1st Canadian Nationals Burnaby On, 2009
1st PST Air Festival, CO 2008
1st PST Air Festival, CO 2007
1st PD Fastrax Challenge, FL 2007
1st EST Finals, Bussloo Beach, Holland 2006
1st EST Kolomna, Russia 2006
1st Itapava - Gui’s Farm, Brazil 2006
1st Team Speed, Florida Pro/Am (Jonathan Tagle) 2006
1st EST Voss, Norway 2005
1st EST Kolomna, Russia 2005
1st EST Finals, Bussloo Beach, Holland 2005
1st Canadian Nationals 2005
1st Swoop over 500ft, Swoop Fest, Chicago, Unofficial record 522.2 ft, 2005
1st Z-Hills, FL, Moonlight Madness, 2005
1st PST Freestyle Open Champion 2004
1st Spanish Swoop open 2004
1st PST Wildwood Swoop festival NJ.2004
1st Speed, US Nationals (unofficial, guest competitor) 2004
1st Accuracy, US nationals (unofficial, guest competitor) 2004
1st SkyQuest Fantasy Swoop 2004
1st SkyQuest Fantasy Swoop Team event (Cisco Neri) 2004
1st Accuracy, World cup of canopy piloting 2003
1st Team Speed PST Pro Beach Challenge, Panama City (Heath Richardson) 2003
1st Baja Challenge Team Event (Heath Richardson) 2003
1st SkyQuest Fantasy Swoop Team Event (Heath Richardson) 2003
1st Team speed PST Team challenge (Heath Richardson) 2002
1st New England Pond Surfing Championship 2002
1st PPPB World Games Team speed (Heath Richardson) 2001
1st PPPB Season overall ranking, Speed event 2001
1st Sky's The Limit Pond Swoop meet 2001

2nd EST Norway 2006
2nd EST King of Swoop Spain 2006
2nd PST Florida Pro/Am 2006
2nd Speed, World Championships of CP 2006
2nd Distance, World Championships of CP 2006
2nd Team Speed, Swoop Festival, Chicago, IL (Francisco Neri) 2005
2nd Freestyle, PST Grand Prix, Perris valley, Ca 2005
2nd World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Lake Wales, FL 2004
2nd Speed World cup canopy piloting, Perris Valley, Ca 2003
2ndSkyQuest Fantasy Swoop, Polk City, FL 2003
2nd PST Baja Challenge, Baja, Mexico, 2003
2nd Red Bull Wings Qualifier, Chicago, IL 2003
2nd PST Pro Beach Challenge Panama City, FL 2003
2nd PST Team Challenge, Distance Event, Perris Valley, Ca 2002
2nd PST Team Challenge, Perris Valley, Ca 2002
2nd PPPB World Cup Speed Event, Perris Valley, Ca 2001
2nd PPPB Season overall ranking, 2001

3rd Overall World Championships of CP Austria 2006
3rd Best Freestyle trick, Swoop Festival, Chicago 2005
3rd Red Bull Blade Raid, Park City, Utah 2004
3rd PST 2nd Freestyle Open, Perris Valley, Ca 2004
3rd Red Bull Wings qualifier Tampa, FL 2003
3rd Fall Swoop Meet ASC, Atlanta, GA 2002
3rd PPPB WFFC, Quincy, IL 2001


First Canopy Pilot to fly beyond 500ft in competition, 502ft & 522ft at The Swoop Festival in Chicago 2005 

First, Cowboy/Switchblade/Can-Can/Boomerang, PST Triple Crown of Freestyle 2005

First competitor to start using multiple-rotation turns in competition (consistently and successfully) 450deg 810deg 1170deg of rotation

First canopy pilot to master swooping with both toggles in one hand and receive the freestyle move named for it "Switchblade"


Baffin Island 2018
Abitibi River Expedition 2014
Appalachian Trail 2012
Baffin Island, Canada 2010
Chapleau River, Canada 2009
Rocky Mountains, Canada 2008
Torres Del Paine, Chile 2008
Grand Canyon 2007
Temagami, Canada 2007
Simedal Fjord, Norway 2006
Mount Blanc, France 2006
Dolomites, Italy 2006
Voss, Norway, 2004-2005

TV and Media Highlights

2009 Desafio Estado de Mexico
2008 Extreme Adventure Hidalgo
2006 Norway live Competition national TV


I started teaching CP before I even knew how to do it right, circa 1995 in Canada.  During my time in the sport since then, I've taught basic body flight, AFF, Tandem, 4-way, freeflying, packing, BASE, wing-suiting and Basic Canopy flight skills all the way through to competition canopy piloting. Coaching and canopy piloting competitions have been my primary source of income for the last 10 years and during this time I've worked with thousands of students from all over the world. I also helped to pioneer a number of the concepts and techniques that have become standards in CP training and technique today.

I studied under experts such as Chris Lynch, Pete Allum, Joey Jones, Dan BC, Craig Girard, Orly King, Omar Allegalan, Jason Peters, Mike McGowan, Gus Wing, Norm Kent, Mario Richard, Marta Empinotti, Chris Gay, John Le Blanc and Scott Miller, just to name a few of the many I am thankful to.

What do you recommend to those wanting to learn how to swoop?

Everything should be presented in stages just like it will be learned and Swooping is only one of many possible goals. I think emphasis on the basics and overall sound flying skills should be paramount.  Safety should be first, consistency and discipline second.


Jay Moledzki


Manta 288
Fury 220
Jonathan 150
Jonathan 135
Jedi 120
Jonathan 120
Jedi 105
Jedi 95
Jedi 96
PD Stilletto 97
Saber 97
FX 88
VX 84
PD Vengeance 97
PD Velocity 84
PD Velocity 79
VX 74
VX 58
VX 46
PD Velocity 71-103
PD Peregrine 67-79
7 Cell Wingsuit Canopy 150
PD Proxy 280
PD Proxy 260

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