Jason DiCenzo

Connect with Jason at: Jason@Flight-1.com


Started Skydiving: 2011

Total Jumps: 4,000+
Nationality: Canadian
Home DZ: Parachute Montreal

Occupation: Instructor at Flight-1, Skydiver
Hobbies: Skydiving, hiking, camping and overall outdoor exploring!

Licenses/Ratings USPA: D-36801, Coach, AFFI, Tandem-I, Camera Flyer, FAA Senior Rigger
Licenses/Ratings CSPA: D-1199, Coach, PFFI, Tandem-I, EJR (Demo), GCI (Radio)

Total Skydives: 4,000+
Instructor/Coaching: 400
Camera: 1,000
Freefly: 700
Tandem: 1,500
Hop-n-Pop: 500
Cutaways: 3 (2 Sport, 1 Tandem)

Main: PD Valkyrie 67, HKT 64
Reserve: PDR 113
Container: Javelin
Helmet: Cookie G3
AAD: Cypres2 Speed
Altimeter: Viso 2+


AFF & PFF Instructor




Xaos 100
VX 96
VX 89
JVX 83
Leia Hybrid 79
Leia Hybrid 72
Leia Hybrid 69
Petra 69
PD Valkyrie 67
HKT 64

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