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"Flight 101 is a must for any skydiver at any level. Cameron King's course is thorough, insightful and a whole lot of fun. So much I learned that I didn't know before. Ex. Before Flight 101, I was told I couldn't execute a two-stage flare from a 7 cell canopy. This course changed that and offered so much more. Thanks Cam!"

~ John


Started Skydiving: 1999

Total Jumps: 10,000+
Nationality: USA
Home DZ: Jumptown

Occupation: AFF & Tandem Instructor, Videographer, Wind Tunnel Coach
Hobbies: Drumming and working out

Licenses/Ratings: D-26713, Tandem & AFF Instructor, TI Examiner

Total Skydives: 10,000+
RW/FS: 1,000
Hop-n-Pops: 2,000
Camera: 1,000
Instructor/Coaching: 6,000
Cutaways: 12

Main Canopy: PD Valkyrie 79
Container: Javelin Odyssey
Reserve Canopy: Optimum 126
Helmet: Cookie
Jumpsuit: Tonfly
Altimeter: Alti 2


I grew up running around the dropzone, jumping off of my fathers van, and riding right seat in various jump aircraft. Of course I was put to work packing as soon as I was able. I started jumping in ’99 and haven’t looked back. I have been working with all kinds of students for over 10 years. I am proud to be a part of Flight-1 and am looking forward to teaching and shaping our next generation into awesome canopy pilots.

What was the most valuable piece of advice given to you when you were a newer jumper regarding canopy flight?

I was lucky enough to take a canopy course with Scott Miller when I was relatively inexperienced. The course was awesome! What stuck with me over the years is the way he explained the importance of consistent patterns and flare technique. Weather you are swooping or flying a student canopy doing these things well will ensure you safely land where you want.

Cameron King


Student canopies
Sabre 170
Turbo Z 165
Crossfire 123
VX 96
Velocity 90
Velocity 84
Valkyrie 79

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