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“Fantastic day! Professional and structured with a fun layer from our fantastic Flight-1 coach Cameron Jarrett and a great team for the day, I look forward to the 102 Course next Saturday!”

~ Melissa

“Excellent job by Cameron making important information easy to understand and motivating us to try new tricks (again for some). Can’t wait to go back up and test my ability to stay longer in that toggle stall. It’s kinda cool. Very patient coach, answering everyone’s questions - and there were many! Thank you for staying until 8:00pm so we could get everything done. See you Saturday for the 102 Course. Weee!”

~ Lawrence

“Cameron was awesome! I’m not landing like ‘wonder women’ yet but miracles do happen!”

~ Kristy


Started Skydiving: 2002

Total Jumps: 4,000+
Nationality: Australian
Home DZ: Sydney Skydivers, Skydive Oz

Occupation: Instructor at Flight-1 and Machine Operator
Hobbies: Skydiving, motorcycle racing

Licenses/Ratings: E, AFF, HP Canopy, Coach

Total Skydives: 4,000+
Instructor/Coaching: 500+
Freely: 1,500
Hop-n-Pop: 2,000
Cutaways: 2

Main: PD Valkyrie 84/90, PI 67/75
Reserve: PDR 126
Container: Vector
Helmet: xx
AAD: xx
Jumpsuits: Spirit
Altimeter: Suunto


2010 - CP World Championships - Category - Placement
2008 - CP World Championships - Category - Placement
2007 - CP World Cup - Category - Placement
2006 - CP World Championships - Category - Placement 










PD 190
Safire 159
Katana 120
Velocity 96
Velocity 84
Valkyrie 90
Valkyrie 84
PI 75
PI 67

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