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“I had an incredible weekend with Beau Riebe and the Flight-1 101 & 102 participants. Beau Riebe MADE this class. I look forward to taking more courses with Flight-1.”

~ Jim

“It is one thing for a class member to express thanks upon concluding Flight-1 101 and 102. After all, the energy of a two day intensive training course is fresh in the mind. It is an order of magnitude greater when a few days have passed and the fruits of the instructor's labor is magnificently apparent. So many immediate benefits from this past weekend with Beau, and I was just one of 10 or 11 people in the class. I hope they got as much out of it as I did. Blue Skies!”

~ Jim


Started Skydiving: 2010

Total Jumps: 4,000+
Nationality: USA
Home DZ: Skydive DeLand

Occupation: Instructor at Flight-1
Hobbies: Canopy Piloting, Speedflying, Speedriding, BASE Jumping, Paragliding, Kiteboarding, Skiing, Climbing, Camping

Licenses/Ratings: D-32369, AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, PRO Rating

Total Skydives: 4,000+
Instructor/Coaching: 500
Camera: 500
Freefly: 500
Tandem: 1,500
Hop-n-Pop: 1,000
Cutaways: 4

Main: Valkyrie 75 & Peregrine 71/67
Reserve: Optimum 126
Container: UPT Mutant
Helmet: Cookie G4 & Fuel
AAD: Vigil Cuatro
Jumpsuits: Tony Suit Swoop Shorts
Altimeter: Alti-2


2019 - World Cup of Canopy Piloting - Skydive Pretoria, South Africa - Canopy Piloting Overall - 8th 
2019 - FLCPA Season Standings - USA - Canopy Piloting - 5th
2019 - FLCPA Meet 1 - Skydive Sebastian, USA - Canopy Piloting - 3rd
2019 - FLCPA Meet 3 - Skydive West Tennessee, USA - Canopy Piloting - 3rd
2019 - FLCPA Meet 5 - Skydive Paraclete XP, USA - Canopy Piloting - 2nd
2018 - PD Tvier - Skydive Sebastian, USA - 2-way Canopy Piloting - 1st
2018 - FLCPA Season Standings - USA - Canopy Piloting (Advanced) - 1st


2016 - 2019: 

PD USA Tour Rep - Traveled the country working with experienced jumpers at 30+ different drop zones. Helped jumpers in their canopy progression, gear knowledge, and canopy skills. 

2014 - 2016: 

Multi-Rated Skydiving Instructor - Chicagoland Skydiving Center, Skydive Perris, Paradise Skydivers, and Skydive Mustang Island.

2011 - 2013: 

USAF Academy Parachute Team Wings of Blue - Jumpmaster, Instructor, and professional demo team member. Taught a basic freefall course in a structured military environment to award successful jumpers their Air Force Parachutist Badge.





PD 253
PD 235
Triathlon 160
Sabre2 135
Sabre2 120
Sabre2 107
Velocity 103
Velocity 90
Comp Velocity 84
Valkyrie 79
Valkyrie 75
Peregrine 75
Peregrine 71
Peregrine 67

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