WeFly Skydiving Center is located in Yi Qi Fei Tiao San, 1 Hong tu lu, zhang he Zhen, dong bao qu, Jing men Shi in Hubei, China. 

WeFly offers tandem, IAD skydiving, gear rentals, water training, formation skydiving training, free fly camps, wingsuit first flight courses and Flight-1 canopy courses.  WeFly uses a PAC750 skydiving plane.

WeFly is a U.S.P.A. foreign affiliate.  They welcome both beginner & experienced skydivers alike to skydive at their top notch facilities.  They have a strong focus on safety & experienced instructors.

For more information about WeFly Skydiving Center, visit their website.

WeFly Skydiving Center is home to Flight-1 Instructor George Tang. 

George Tang hosts Flight-1 canopy courses at WeFly Skydiving Center on a regular basis. When George is not teaching canopy courses, you'll either find him flocking or playing table tennis. George can help with your everyday canopy coaching needs!

To learn more about George Tang - check out his instructor profile - or scan the QR Code below.



101 - Saturday, February 6, 2021

102 - Sunday, February 7, 2021


Want to schedule your canopy course at WeFly Skydiving Center?

 Reach out by sending an email to: George@Flight-1.com

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