Over 40 years jumping out of planes! Sydney Skydivers is the closest dropzone to Sydney CBD. Open all year around. 

They have a fleet of Super Caravans with two running most weekends.  There are no buses or transfers involved. Check-in, gear-up, take-off and landing happening on the premises, with large grass areas to hang out.

They have the only active pond for swooping in the country and an on-site Flight-1 canopy school run by Cameron Jarrett, with regular courses & coaching available. There is a strict policy of turns no greater than 90 degrees in regular loads, but bigger turns and high-performance landings can be performed on hop & pop jumps. Clearing to use the pond will be at the discretion of CI, DZSO or Canopy coach on site.

For more information about Sydney Skydivers Picton, visit their website.

Sydney Skydivers Picton is home to Flight-1 Instructor Cameron Jarrett. 

Cameron Jarrett hosts Flight-1 canopy courses at Sydney Skydiver Picton on a regular basis.  You can find Cameron at the Flight-1 building, which is located on the drop zone. Cameron can help with your everyday canopy coaching needs!

To learn more about Cameron Jarrett - check out his instructor profile.



101 - Saturday, February 6, 2021

309 - Saturday, February 20, 2021


102 - Saturday, March 6, 2021


Want to schedule your canopy course at Sydney Skydivers Picton?

 Reach out by sending an email to: Cameron@Flight-1.com

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