Skydive Teuge is a modern dropzone with high quality facilities, two Cessna 208 Supervans, and a friendly atmosphere for skydivers of all disciplines and experience levels.

Skydive Teuge is a non profit organization and therefore can offer very competitive prices. General operations are 7 days a week from April 1st throughl November 1st,  and during the winter period the dropzone remains open 3 days a week (Friday-Sunday). Skydive Teuge hosts several events throughout the year, and also hosted one of the tryouts for the 2019 PD Bullseye competition.

Skydive Teuge also has a large main landing area and alternative landing areass, making it a safe place to jump for all skill levels! 

For more information about Skydive Teuge, visit their website.

Skdive Teuge is home to Flight-1 Instructor Erwin Van Den Braak. 

Erwin Van Den Braak hosts Flight-1 canopy courses at Skydive Teuge on a regular basis. When Erwin is not teaching canopy courses, you'll find him running the DZ as the Manager & Chief Instructor, doing AFF, Tandems, or simply making a fun jump! Erwin can help with your everyday canopy coaching needs!

To learn more about Erwin Van Den Braak - check out his instructor profile.


October 2020:

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 101


*** STAY TUNED ***


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