The Army Parachute Association (APA) at Netheravon Airfield aims to promote and support sports parachuting for military personnel, active and retired. Skydive Netheravon located in the UK welcomes civilian members and appreciates the skills and diversity that they bring to the APA.

Skydive Netheravon strives for excellence in everything they do and is committed to providing the highest level of training for all members throughout their skydiving career.

The Army parachute Association operates at Skydive Netheravon as a not-for-profit organization continually reinvesting to improve the services and facilities for members.  For more information about Skydive Netheravon, visit their website.

Skydive Netheravon is home to Flight-1 Instructor Wez Westley.  

In spite of the UK weather, Wez hosts Flight-1 canopy courses at Skydive Netheravon year round.  And when he's not teaching canopy courses, you'll either find him teaching AFF, working in the rigging loft, or training and competing with his teammates on the British Canopy Piloting team. Without a doubt, Wez is your guy at Skydive Netheravon for all things canopy coaching!  

To learn more about Wez - check out his instructor profile.   



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