Nouvel Air is a modern and very welcoming drop zone.  It was founded in 1991 by Michel Lemay, Daniel Paquette and Normand Pressé in Farnham, Canada, on the south shore of Montreal.  The dropzone started as a Cessna drop zone, but has developed tremendously in the last years to now operate a Twin Otter and a Cessna Caravan.  Also, since 2013, Nouvel Air is the only dropzone in Québec to have a competitive-size swoop pond and has hosted the 2015 CP World Cup as well as the 2016 CP World Championships.  Nouvel Air is proud to have a reputation of welcoming any type of jumps and having a high level of instructors and fun jumpers.

Want to take a trip to Nouvel Air?  Visit their website for more information! 

Flight-1 Instructors Martin & Benoit "Ben" Lemay are no strangers to Nouvel Air.  Carrying on the Lemay legacy, both have served as an integral part of the growth at Nouvel Air, following in their parents footsteps.  

Not only are the Lemay brothers part of the Flight-1 family, they also represented Canada in three different disciplines at the 2016 World Championships - Canopy Piloting, VFS and 4-Way FS - which speaks volumes to what all round talents they are.

Ben is based out of Parachutisme Nouvel Air full time and is the go-to guy for your everyday canopy coaching needs! To learn more about Ben - check out his instructor profile.

Martin, though he travels frequently fulfilling the Military side of canopy coaching, he's a familiar face that you're sure to see pop up at Parachutisme Nouvel Air.  To learn more about Martin - check out his instructor profile.

They're more than just Flight-1 Instructors, they're also brothers!  Ben & Martin Lemay spend the day with their Flight-1 class at Nouvel Air!  

Upcoming Courses

*The skydiving season at Nouvel Air is April through October* 


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