Johannesburg Skydiving Club is located on the Carletonville Airfield, in Gauteng, South Africa. It is a family friendly drop zone with world class facilities including a restaurant, bush pub, swimming pool and kids jungle gym. 

The club offers a range of rental gear and canopy sizes for all experience levels. 

Johannesburg Skydiving Club operates a C4M-TP Angel Aircraft, with a jump altitude of 11,000 ft AGL. 

For more information about Johannesburg Skydiving Club, visit their website.

Johannesburg Skydiving Club is home to Flight-1 Instructor Warren Hitchcock. 

Warren Hitchcock hosts Flight-1 canopy courses at Johannesburg Skydiving Club on a regular basis. When Warren is not teaching canopy courses, you'll either find him wake boarding, mountain biking, or scuba diving. Warren can help with your everyday canopy coaching needs!

To learn more about Warren Hitchcock - check out his instructor profile.


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