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As the leading provider of canopy coaching and instruction in the sport of skydiving, Flight-1 works with canopy pilots of all experience levels around the globe. Over two thousand skydivers in more than twenty two different countries go through a Flight-1 course each year. 

Powered by the PD Factory Team, Flight-1 continually develops its programs and curriculum to ensure they stay relevant and targeted to the changing demands of today’s skydiver, making canopy flight education affordable, challenging and rewarding. Whether you are a newly licenced skydiver, a regular fun jumper or a high performance canopy pilot, Flight-1 has a course to suit your goals. 

Flight-1 has been in existence for over a decade (see below). It is a growing company with a growing number of talented individuals that have dedicated themselves to the field of canopy flight education. We aim to keep the flow of good information about canopy flight going to an even wider audience in the hopes of a safer environment for all in the sport. 

Determination, Discipline and Dedication to Learning.



The Early Days

The Flight-1 Canopy School was formed in 2004 as a merger between the PD Factory Team and visionary Scott Miller’s school, the Freedom of Flight.

Scott developed the Essential Skills Curriculum (ESC) from concepts and flight evaluation skills learned while working as chief test jumper at Performance Designs.  Merging with the PD Factory Team’s advanced canopy flight curriculum, Flight-1 began offering an end-to-end curriculum combining basic canopy skills and advanced canopy flight. Flight-1 Canopy Skills Camps were run worldwide under the new combined curriculum.

The Next Generation

Five years later in 2009, the members of Flight-1 embarked on a review of the combined curriculum based on their experience over that time running the courses. Flight-1 set a goal to readdress safety standards in the fundamental elements of canopy control with more in-depth courses, tackling safety and survival skills. This was to be combined with a clear progression system to encourage and ensure that skydivers would not only remain current under canopy, but would want to take the next step in improving their canopy handling skills.

In 2012, Flight-1 launched a new series in the Flight-1 Training Program - the Flight-1 Canopy Series. It is a curriculum of continuing education in Canopy Control and Instruction. This curriculum provides a clear comprehensive progression for the skydiver of any experience level to learn and improve their canopy handling skills.

In 2014, Flight-1 expanded the Flight-1 Canopy Series, adding more courses for skydivers to progress through. The Series now had even more options for skydivers to develop their canopy handling skills. 

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