Flight-1 is the leading provider of canopy flight instruction in both the military and sport market, having trained thousands of operators and skydivers worldwide. In the year 2010, more than 700 sport parachutists attended over 50 Flight-1 courses in 12 different countries. On the military side, Flight-1 has been delivering targeted canopy control training to national and international military units since 2005, and worked with over fifteen different commands in 2011.

Its members -- competing as ‘The PD Factory Team’ -- have dominated the sport of canopy piloting since its inception, winning seven world championships and setting multiple world records. They have collectively logged more than 100,000 skydives.


All Flight-1 military programs have been developed to meet the needs of the operator and have specific military application. Flight-1 continues to develop new programs to address the changing requirements of today’s operator. Flight-1 has observed and consulted on basic Military Freefall courses, tandem bundle courses and has participated in full mission HAHO profiles. Instructors are USAF High-Altitude Parachutist (HAP) certified, and a number of instructors have tactical HAHO experience – MMS, O2, night-vision, weapons, radios etc.


Flight-1 instructors have pushed the boundaries of canopy flight in a number of inhospitable locations including high-altitude mountainous terrain at extreme temperatures. They bring an unparalleled level of experience operating in unconventional environments:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Mt. Blanc (French Alps)
  • Swiss Alps
  • Italian Dolomites
  • Baffin Island
  • Norwegian fjords (Gudvangen, Simadahl)
  • Hawaiian Cliffs of Molokai

Flight-1 Instructors are seasoned freefall trainers, including several freefall world champions and world record holders. Instructors train both individuals and teams both in military and civilian applications from basic body flight to expert-level freefall techniques. Our instructors present more than 80 years combined coaching experience and thousands of hours of wind-tunnel coaching.