Skydive Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is world renowned for its extraordinary and innovative pursuit of excellence in aerial sports, holds multiple Guinness world records, and has developed two of the foremost skydiving locations worldwide - The Desert Campus and The Palm. 

Skydive Dubai's desert campus is where all of the action unfolds - from tandem operations to experienced jumpers getting their altitude fix to taking Flight-1 canopy courses.  

At the Palm, there's no doubt you will enjoy the beautiful scenery from above!

For more information about Skydive Dubai, visit their website.

In 2009, Pablo Hernandez joined Flight-1 as well as becoming a member of the PD Factory Team (PDFT) through the X Project.

Pablo is the Captain of PDFT and spends his time training & competing in the canopy piloting circuit, as well as teaching Flight-1 canopy courses at Skydive Dubai's Desert Campus.   

Pablo is also an avid Wingsuit pilot and has competed in Wingsuit competitions such as Red Bull ACES.  If there's one thing Pablo is passionate about, it's flying!

To learn more about Pablo - check out his instructor profile.   


**Pablo frequently runs Flight-1 courses at Skydive Dubai**

Want to schedule your canopy course now with Pablo?

-  Visit Skydive Dubai's website to submit your request HERE; OR

- Reach out to Pablo directly by sending him an email to:





Want to jump at the world's most scenic view ever?  Don't worry - Flight-1 has got you covered!


You can jump at the Palm if you have:

300 jumps AND completed Flight 101 & 102; AND
C-License or USPA Equivalent


500 Jumps; AND
D-License or USPA Equivalent


Interested in other Flight-1 Campuses?  Check out our other locations here.

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