Parachute Voltige is located just outside of Montreal, Canada and has two turbine aircrafts, state of the art equipment, outstanding customer service and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  For more information on Parachute Voltige, visit their website.

Flight-1 Instructor Phiippe Thibodeau is based out of Parachute Voltige in Quebec, Canada.  

Philippe spends his time between his 'real job' and the DZ - and every chance he get's he's helping you reach your canopy piloting goals.    

To learn more about Philippe - check out his instructor profile.   

Upcoming Courses

***The skydiving season at Parachute Voltige is April through October.  

We anticipate having courses up on the course calendar as early as April 2017.  

So STAY TUNED for dates to come!***


Interested in other Flight-1 Campuses?  Check out our other locations here.

If you have any comments or questions about Flight-1, please send us an email to Someone will respond within 2 business days.

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